Thursday, October 15, 2009

Class is NY PRESS "BEST OF 2009!"

From the NY Press. Click here for the entire list.

Best Way to Feel Like a Stud: Samurai Sword Class
The Workman’s Circle, NYR Studios, 45 E. 33rd St. betw. Madison & Park Aves.
You need a physical hobby and yoga isn’t butch enough and Karate might involve getting hit, right? So what’s left? There’s always swords. No we’re not talking swallowing or any other sort of swordplay (such dirty minds!) Raab Rashi offers a class in “Siljun Dobup,” or “the art of the Samurai sword” for only $15 bucks a class. We’re not endorsing any sort of Kill Bill antics, but how often can you learn how to kill a man for cheaper than what it costs to buy him a decent dinner? We’re in. Visit to learn more.


1 comment:

  1. I was waiting for them to say, "And Mr. Rashi can teach you a few things about studliness, too."



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