Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Februa.... Wait, it's March already?

Wow, February was a busy month! Between special classes for NYU students, doing a workshop at Jeff Mach's Wicked Faire (which was a blast, by the way. If anyone ever has the opportunity to attend a Jeff event, especially the Wicked Faire, do it! There's something for everybody and you'll have a great time), and my trip to New Orleans, I haven't had much time. The Thurday class continues as usual, and I'm even considering adding a second class directly after the 6:00 class, or on another day of the week (possibly Tuesdays). Ah if only it didn't cost so much to rent space in NY!

I'm also having a conversation with a mother who is interested in setting up a teen class for her son and some of his classmates. I think this is a terrific idea. I know that if I would have had the opportunity to study the sword in High School, I would have jumped at it! I think that it would have really brought some much needed focus that I seemed to lose, especially in the last year of school.

Oh, and if you've been to the class, I'd love it if you would take the time to write up something about it on Yelp! It doesn't even have to be long, just a few comments and maybe a rating. I've pasted a link below to help speed you on your way.

Samurai Sword Classes

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